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Fully Programmable "Click" Tracks & Setlists#82

This is the only feature that is really needed to make this a must-have device. This is what will make it or break it. Suppose there is a really complex song one is learing or has to play. One needs:

  • programmable countdown before the song starts;
  • programmable number of bars;
  • programmable time signature changes;
  • programmable tempo changes.
  • programmable sets of “click” tracks - say, for when one has an upcoming gig and needs to preprogram an entire setlist.

The idea of feeling the rhythm’s pulse rather than hearing it is very appealing, but it has to be a fully programmable rhythm station to become a breakthrough.

This is what musicians care about. We don’t give a rat’s ass about fancy LED colours, iPhone synchs, beats etc. (this is for kids and bedroom musicians who practice the instrument once a week if their mom/wife is pleased with their school grades/salary). We need perfect tempos and time singnatures to play along. Period. Nothing else really matters.

3 years ago

Thanks for the great comment - I merge it with the tempo changes feature since we would likely develop all this together!

3 years ago
Merged into App: tempo changes#7
3 years ago