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App: tempo & time signature changes#7

It would be awesome to program tempo changes. Ideally there would be 3 ways to trigger a change: 1) number of bars expired 2) time expired or 3) manual switch (e.g. Bluetooth foot pedal). Once the tempo changes, it could impact the BPM/time signature/subdivision/etc. and you set up as many sections of each metronome preset as you want.

3 years ago

make this happen

3 years ago

This is great!

3 years ago
Merged Tempo Maps & Song Building#69
2 years ago

From another thread “
Implement the ability to set tempo and metre changes inside of the create a song feature (example: 120bpm 4/4 for 32 bars, 5/4 for 16 bars, 100bpm 5/4 for 16 bars)

This would be incredibly helpful for songs with complex structures or multiple movements.

Additionally, being able to accept metre changes when synced to a DAW would be very helpful.
Devin Gourley
2 hours ago

2 years ago
Merged Automation time signature change#74
2 years ago

The ‘multiple movements’ idea is perfect. Would add so much versatility to the watch.

2 years ago
Merged Fully Programmable "Click" Tracks & Setlists#82
2 years ago
Merged Subdivision mid song#233
a year ago
Merged Tempo changes in 'songs'#278
9 months ago

From another thread: “It’s possibly been suggested before on here, but adding a section on the app for when you creat a song, you’re able to add multiple tempo and time signature changes through the song.

My band writes originals, and most of the songs we play have tempo changes throughout each song, and sometimes the time signature as well. We’ve been looking at a way of being able to play along to a metronome while having tempo changes in for a while, but there’s nothing out there”

9 months ago
Merged Speed burst practicing#291
8 months ago

“I would love the ability to set the watch from quarter notes to eighth to sixteenth in quick succession.

For instance, I’m practicing at 90bpm and want to make practicing short speed bursts in sixteenths for a half measure then go back to quarter notes then eighth notes for half a measure.

I’m currently playing to a click at quarter notes and setting my Core to sixteenths. I would love the ability to program the app to allow me to have frequent timing changes. To allow for a better speed burst practice.”

8 months ago
Merged Programmable tempo changes#310
6 months ago
Merged Ability to Create Click Tracks#380
a month ago
Merged Creating song options#391
11 days ago