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Core: switch between songs & setlists from library#6

When you loaded a setlist or song from your song and setlist library in the metronome app, you should be able to see them on your Core and switch to the next or previous song easily from the convenience of your wrist

3 years ago

I was sooo surprised when I realized I wasn’t able to switch between songs in a setlist from the core watch. Should really be a main feature..

2 years ago

Ideally I’d love to be able to store the whole setlist directly on the watch (aka, no phone needed), but even just to be able to see the song name and bpm would be a big help.

a year ago

The idea was to maybe have a dedicated “Metronome load library” app in the App menu. When you open it, it automatically shows the last setlist that was played via the app. The setlist would be saved on the Core, so could be accessed even without the phone. To switch it to something else, simply load another setlist with the app and it will be replaced on the storage of the Core.

But not 100% sure yet. Of course there are even better implementations than that - it’s just they also may require a special user interface on iOS or Android and more work (hence will take longer before we can release it)

a year ago

Without the ability to use this with a setlist for gigging it’s useless for me. In a perfect world I should have my setlist on an ipad or phone and click the next song to play. Or hit a next song button on the Core That should automatically move to the next song. I’d rather feel a pulse than listen to a click all gig long. I thought I had that problem solved. No such luck.

a year ago

Hi R Baerwitz, maybe I misunderstand you, but you can have a setlist on an iPad or iPhone and click next song to play. That definitely works, so if you are unaware of this please take another look in our app. This suggestion thread here is only about switching songs via the Core itself, which is definitely something we’ll implement sooner or later! Cheers,

a year ago

to switch to the next song directly on the core watch is a must have for me. i really hope you guys can implement that feature soon!!!

9 months ago
Merged Core: Song list from watch app#460
3 months ago
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In Progress
a month ago