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Core: Song list from watch app#460

Would it be at all possible to make an app for the Core that allows for you to switch which song (from a song list that you create in the app) that is being used for the metronome?

This feature would get a significant amount of use from me as I often work with music in a choral setting where I am not allowed to bring out my phone during a performance in order to switch songs.

2 months ago

Hi Shale, this is an obvious idea that is since a while in the development backlog. I recently completed the user interface design for this, and I am confident we can complete this feature in 2024. Our firmware engineer is currently working on step tracking, which is a really big feature, and I believe this one will be next. There is already another therad for this, so I will be merging it.

2 months ago
Merged into Core: switch between songs & setlists from library#6
2 months ago