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App: Gap Metronome / quiet count#88


This is a tool drummers use to improve the sense of their internal “clock” (I.e. time), where the metronome is heard (or in this case sensed via the pulse) for a number of set bars (usually 1, 2 or 4 but could be more) and then muted for the same amount of bars (or perhaps a different number). The drummer (or any instrumentalist) continues playing and when the metronome is heard/sensed again, he can see if he was able to feel the beat and subdivisions accurately while the metronome was “off”. This is one of the best tools to improve time and avoid the dependency that is sometimes created when using the metronome a lot and having it click all the time instead of letting go of it (for a few bars) and during these muted bars having to rely on the internal subdivisions of the musician (and this incredibly improves the internal sense of time).
I’m sure this is a very simple feature to add because it’s kind of like building a song as far as creating a number of bars which is something that the Soundbreener metronome app already has.

a year ago
Changed the title from "Gap Metronome" to "App: Gap Metronome"
a year ago
Changed the title from "App: Gap Metronome" to "App: Gap Metronome / quiet count"
a year ago
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In Progress
9 months ago

This feature has been released on iOS today to Plus subscribers! :)

8 months ago