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App: Add colors to the beats in the app's metronome#81


Add a funtion to the app in order to change the colors of the beats in app’s metronome.

For example: beat one = red, beat two = green, beat three = yellow, beat four = green

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Add colors to the beats in the app's metronome" to "App: Add colors to the beats in the app's metronome"
2 years ago

Nice idea!

2 years ago

Would it be helpful if we use accent markers instead of the number of beats? For example: Accent marker with 3 filled rows = green, 2 filled rows = yellow, etc?

Or to be valuable it would have to be the number of the beat within a bar like you described? What is the purpose of this feature?

2 years ago

Yes, color accents would be a great simple idea to add to the watch.

2 years ago

Not sure if they did this after you said this but they have it! go into your cores settings and “metronome lights”

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
3 months ago

This feature has now launched on Android and will come to iOS soon. You can assign a different color to each accent marker. Of course this was already possible on our wearables, but will now also be possible for just the app. There’s also going to be an option to automatically match the color of the wearable inside the app.

3 months ago