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Core: customize screen timeout/sleep setting#34


Hey! Me and lot of my friends complain about the lack of this option. It would be great if you could set in the settings time when the screen turns off. Personally when I use metronome I would like to see the bars, tempo etc. Unfortunately right now it turns off after around 30 seconds. Please add an option so you can set if it turns off after 30sec - 1 minute - 5 minutes or never.

It would help a lot


3 years ago

Hello! The reason we disable the screen is due to the battery life. We found turning the screen off improved the duration the metronome can run quite a bit. So there is this tradeoff. If there is enough demand to add this feature, we could add a switch to the device settings in the app that explains the tradeoff and allows you disable the feature that the screen turns itself off automatically while the metronome is running!

3 years ago
Changed the title from "Screen Timeout setting" to "Core: Screen Timeout setting"
3 years ago
Changed the title from "Core: Screen Timeout setting" to "Core: customize screen timeout/sleep setting"
3 years ago

I want this feature. this will help me practice speed on guitar licks. Guitar Pro is doing this for me. But sometimes I dont want to sit and look at a screen.

a month ago

It’s coming very soon! This will be the customizable options

24 days ago


22 days ago