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Core: clear all notifications all at once with 1 interaction#23

As of now, you have to repeatedly press the button to clear phone notifications. when you get 15+ notifications it’s tiring to press the button 15 times. Please make it to where you can cycle through your notifications by twisting the core, and clear all notifications with one button press. I usually disconnect my phone because it’s so annoying

3 years ago
Changed the title from "Be able to clear all notifications by pressing the button and cycle through notifications by twisting" to "Core: clear all notifications all at once with 1 interaction"
3 years ago

This idea got a lot of upvotes so it seems others are also annoyed by having to press the button so many times. Perhaps long-pressing the bottom button could accomplish this?

10 months ago

Happy to announce this feature will be released for free in the coming firmware update :)

3 months ago