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Core: One button to trigger metronome play & pause#16

Currently it’s double tap on the watch to trigger the metronome.
However, when we follow the music, tap tempo then trigger the metronome to check, the double tap makes harder to sync beat precisely.

3 years ago
Changed the title from "One button to trigger metronome" to "Core: One button to trigger metronome"
3 years ago
Changed the title from "Core: One button to trigger metronome" to "Core: One button to trigger metronome play & pause"
3 years ago

I agree!
I now need to have my phone in my hand to (re)sync the metronome with our singers accurately, after they changed the tempo unwillingly and I need to bring them back on track.

During rehearsals with our choir that’s still doable, but during gigs it is quite disrupting.
The double tapping is also very visible (distracting) to the crowd, especially because the double tapping is sometimes not recognized properly.
(This is especially problematic if it is recognized as a BPM change tap instead, but that’s another topic.)

3 years ago

Perhaps long pressing the bottom button while inside the metronome app could accomplish this?

a year ago

That’s a good idea.
I’d suggest starting the metronome when the button is released though, since a long press still makes it difficult to start in sync with a rhythm you hear.

9 months ago

Hello, we have a working beta of the following implementation:

  • You long press the bottom button, on release the play command is triggered
  • The pause command is triggered immediately after a long press, not waiting for releasing the button

Our engineers say it doesn’t feel that great and they suggest to change the default interaction to this:

  • Play & pause is now 1 tap instead of 2
  • This would require that BPM tap only works while BPM is selected/currently edited

I would be really curious to hear everyone’s feedback:

  • Was the only reason you are interested in this button press to play & pause so it is more easy to sync it to the beat? Or was the double tap just annoying for you?
  • Would you prefer the new “default” way of 1 tap, or releasing the bottom button after a long press?
  • Do you have any other suggestions?
8 months ago

This feature is now available on Core 1 and 2 available on! :) Marking this feature suggestion as done!

To get the feature on Core 1, make sure you update to the latest firmware version. The way it works is as follows:

  • While in the metronome long-press the bottom button button
  • Once you release the bottom-button, the metronome starts to play immediately
4 months ago
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In Progress
4 months ago
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4 months ago

Wao….cool!!! I really appreciate you and the team. You are the real entrepreneur and making arts with global musicians!

4 months ago