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Is it possible to connect te Soundbrenner Pulse with the metronome of Forscore, the app for reading scores?
I use the Forscore-app a lot, of course for reading scores in a live situation, but also for the tempo in a live situation. I always use the visual way, not the audiable because I don’t want to work with in ear things. But the visual way is not satisfying. In Forscore, when you go to the next song the bpm automaticly changes to the the tempo that’s set for this next song. So it would be great if the metronome from Forscore can be connected with the Pulse! The only thing I have to do is go to the next song and the Pulse will give me the tempo. How great would that be!
Please let me know!
Thanks in advance, best regards, Bert Kamsteeg

2 years ago
Merged into App: Sync to metronome of forScore / iReal pro#45
2 years ago

ForScore compatibility would be much appreciated. It’s an essential tool for live musicians at this point. No more reasons to use paper any more.

2 years ago